Help Tackle Clothing Waste!

Do you often buy new clothing? Even if your wardrobe is already bulging? Or know someone who does?

Then we challenge you and your friends to a 10-week Fashion Detox!

All we ask is that you stop buying new clothes for 10 weeks, and then reflect on the experience online each week.

Here are four reasons to take the Fashion Detox Challenge!

1 – It’s good for your wallet and the Planet!

“More money in my bank & less clutter in my life is going to have a long-term positive effect on my happiness and is good for the planet”

Susan, Week 10

2 – Feel empowered to make a change!

“Yay! …It’s a great feeling to know you have changed…”

Abbe, Week 10

3 – Investigate how you really spend & buy!

“I feel I have learnt so much about my shopping habits over the 10 weeks.”

Amie, Week 10

4 – Face your fears!

“This week, I conquered a fear of mine, wearing the same item of clothing in a short enough period of time that people will remember.

Crazy, I know. But I did it!”