The Fashion Detox Challenge is a collaboration between ex-fashion designer and PhD researcher Emma Kidd and the sustainability team at Glasgow Caledonian University.

Fashion Detox Challenge was set up by Emma Kidd as part of her research into Transitions in Clothing Consumption and after witnessing first-hand, as a fashion designer in South East Asia, the social and environmental impacts of fast fashion.  The video below summarises her journey.

The Fashion Detox Challenge is an invitation for consumers who regularly buy new clothing, to stop buying clothes for 10 weeks and to reflect on the experience in a private forum. Through doing this consumers are offered a rare opportunity to stop and gain a new perspective on their relationship with clothing and shopping for clothes. Participating in the challenge interrupts the flow of automatic thoughts and behaviours relating to clothing consumption, which then gives the consumer access to new, more sustainable long-term choices.

The private forum is designed to support participants through this process of change by fostering a sense of belonging, providing a mechanism for mutual support and a platform for reinforcing a change in awareness by confirming individual realisations through the shared insights of others.

The Fashion Detox Challenge is designed to foster more sustainable attitudes towards clothing consumption through experiential learning. Therefore, no existing knowledge or awareness of sustainability is necessary, which means that the challenge is inclusive and easily accessible.