Hire clothes

Hire clothes for special occasions instead of buying (e.g. as Laura’s Dresses in Glasgow: https://www.laurasdresses.com/ ).

We want to build a directory of alternative clothes hire shops! Please post links to your local clothes shops in the General Discussion forum.

Use ‘Real’ Shops

If you need to shop for something, visit a physical shop rather than shopping online, as this reduces the risk of you ‘drifting’ into shopping for something else.

Read the Detox Diaries

You’re not alone. The weekly reflection diaries show that everyone is facing similar challenges and contain some great examples of how many of you are overcoming them.

Declutter your wardrobe

Sell or give-away unwanted items. As part of their de-cluttering strategy, one of the original Fashion Detoxers separates clothes in his wardrobe into three categories:

  • In regular use (within the last 3 months),
  • Likely to wear again or have sentimental value,
  • Not going to wear again.