Useful Resources

Here is a selection of resources which we hope will be useful in your detox journey by:

  • Developing your awareness of the fashion industry’s impacts
  • Helping you further develop your own strategies for sustaining the good habits you developed during your fashion detox

How To Break Up With Fast Fashion — Lauren Bravo

How To Break Up With Fast Fashion will help you to change your mindset, fall back in love with your wardrobe and embrace more sustainable ways of shopping – from the clothes swap to the charity shop. Full of refreshing honesty and realistic advice, Lauren will inspire you to repair, recycle and give your unloved items a new lease of life without sacrificing your style.

The Conscious Closet — Elizabeth Cline

The Conscious Closet is a style guide but it is also a call to action, to transform the fashion industry into a force for good. Readers will learn where and how clothes are made. Elizabeth shows us how we can start to love and understand our clothes again—without sacrificing the environment or our style in the process.

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The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying — Marie Kondo

Japan’s expert declutterer and professional cleaner Marie Kondo is helping us to tidy our closets once and for all with her unique step-by-step method. Marie Kondo’s method is based on a ‘once-cleaned, never-messy-again’ approach. If you think that’s impossible then you should definitely read this book!

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The True Cost — featuring Lucy Siegle

The True Cost is a groundbreaking documentary film that pulls back the curtain on the untold story the Fashion Industry and asks us to consider, who really pays the price for our clothing? Find out more here.

RiverBlue — David McIlvride

RiverBlue is documentary about the environmental impact of the fashion industry. This groundbreaking documentary examines the destruction of our rivers, its effect on humanity, and the solutions that inspire hope for a sustainable future. Watch it here.

Daring Greatly — Brene Brown

In Daring Greatly Brené Brown challenges everything we think we know about vulnerability, and dispels the common myth that it’s a weakness. This book is made up of 12 years of groundbreaking social research. It is an invitation to be courageous; to show up and let ourselves be seen, even when there are no guarantees.

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Atomic habits — James Clear

Atomic Habits reveals exactly how tiny habit changes can grow into life-altering outcomes. The book uncovers a handful of simple life hacks and dives into cutting-edge psychology and neuroscience research to explain why these hacks matter.

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Fashion Revolution — Global movement

Fashion Revolution is a global movement that runs all year long. Since Fashion Revolution started, people from all over the world have used their voice and their power to tell fashion brands that things must change. Check out their website full of amazing info and resources.

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