Support Us

Why do people support us?…..Here are some notes we were given with donations;

“Thank you for bringing this challenge to us and giving us so much encouragement! I hope many others will join the detox!”

“Thanks for the challenge, Emma! It’s changed the way I think about buying clothes.”

The Fashion Detox Challenge is an independent initiative run by volunteers on a shoestring budget.

We donate our time for free but the website currently costs around £30 per month to run.

We also have dreams of developing the website further, for example, creating versions in other languages so that we can expand our reach.

If you would like to help keep this project going, we would really appreciate your support with the running costs.

Even a small, coffee-sized donation can help us to maintain a safe, secure, healthy website!

Or if you are feeling generous, ‘take us out for dinner’! (With wine if you like!!) Larger donations can help us fund future developments to our website and help the Fashion Detox Challenge to reach more people across the world!

Please donate by clicking the PayPal button below or this link ! 🙂