What’s involved?

Are you fed up of looking in your wardrobe and thinking “I have nothing to wear”?!?

And yet you still keep buying new clothes???….

Then we think it’s time to challenge yourself to a 10 week Fashion Detox!

Find out more below….

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What is involved???…

The Fashion Detox Challenge is a gentle invitation to get to know yourself and your wardrobe better!

All it means is taking a 10-week ‘time-out’ from buying clothes. And then sharing your experiences online in our private Detox Diary forum.

Why do I need a ‘time out’?….

Because when we are caught up in the flow of everyday life it’s really hard to pay attention to our quirks and habits, and almost impossible to notice the true power that they have over us.

Why would I need to write Detox Diary entries every week?…

Our research has shown that the Detoxers who commit to reflecting and sharing their  experiences enjoy much greater benefits! Benefits include; saving money, having more spare time, understanding their style better, being more creative and feeling empowered to take back control of their lives.

How do I get started?….

All you have to do is:

1. Challenge yourself to 10 weeks without new clothes 

2. Pause your usual clothes shopping activities and take time to reflect on the experience.

3. Register and share your experiences week-by-week with our online community of Fashion Detoxers.

… and that’s it!  Register here!